Collin & Laura

Laura and Collin

August 11, 2018 • 5 PM • Louisville, CO

Semi-formal attire

Our Story

Boulder, 2013. A quiet Friday night in late September. Collin, a fresh transplant, was looking for something familiar. Laura, living in Oregon at the time, was visiting home and wanted to see old friends. And so they both wound their way through the maze of stairs to the basement of Carlson gym for the CU tango club. She watched this newcomer dance, and thought, “Damn he’s cute. I must dance with him and find out more”. He snuck glances at her, and thought “Damn, she can dance. I need to find out more about her.” After several songs of twists, turns, laugher, and discussion, they were smitten.

It was a fleeting moment though, and it seemed they would not meet again, as Laura returned to Oregon shortly after.

Fortunately, all of Laura’s life plans fell through. She ended up back in Boulder by the end of year. It was with this opportunity, a little luck, and deliberate conniving, that they found each other once more.

Since then they've gone on many adventures together: backpacking through the wilderness with their trusty pup Neko, bumming around Iceland living out of a car because it’s just much too expensive there, supporting each other through the trials and tribulations of grad school, and most recently, venturing through New York. They know though, this is only the beginning.


The party will take place at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster. We'll have the run of the exhibits, and you can hold Rosie!

Schedule of Events

5 PM Hors d'oeuvres and drinks, exhibits open, games outside
6:30 PM Dinner starts
7:30 PM Toasts!
8 PM Dancing! Games!
9 PM Dessert
11 PM End of festivities


The party will be catered by Blackbelly.

There will be both meat and vegetarian entrees as well as a cocktail hour with hors d'oeuvres before dinner.

There will be an open bar serving good wine, beer and whiskey.

Things to do in Boulder

Things we recommend you eat:

Sweet Cow The Best Ice Cream
Lucky Pie tasty, conveniently located next to The Best Ice Cream
Southern Sun fantastic eatery/brewery. We’ve spent many weekends hiking early and then coming here for lunch.
Lucille’s Cajun breakfast and lunch. Beignets for days.
Moxie Bread Co Amazing bread, great coffee
Cured/Boxcar Fancy cheese shop attached to amazing espresso bar

Things we recommend you drink:

Odd 13 Laura’s favorite sour beers, they have normal ones too.
12Degree Belgian ales.
New Belgium free tours!

Things we recommend you do:


Whether you’re an intrepid explorer or more of a meanderer, there are trails for every level of experience. Spending more than 10 minutes outside? Wear sunscreen!


Picnic area easy, park and simply enjoy the scenery!
Walk up the trail for 10 minutes and then turn around easy, great views.
Mesa Trail easy and mostly flat, great views.
Green Mountain 2+ hours, hard, there is a metal topological map at the top pointing out the mountains you can see.
Royal Arch 2+ hours, hard, but there’s an arch at the end!


Walk around near the parking lot easy, still great views, and this place is also a museum.
Mallory cave 1-2 hours, moderate, cave is always closed, but we still love this trail.

Pearl Street.

There are lots of shops and if the weather is nice, street performers (usually of good quality). Some places that we like to wander to:
Into the Wind toys and puzzles and just fun stuff.
Art Mart local artists’ goods.
Piece, Love & Chocolate yum.
Fior di Latte gelato and sorbet.
Boulder Book Store iconic.
Settler’s Park If you wander to the far (far) West end of Pearl, you will find a short trail (10 minutes) to more great views of the city.


If you’ve got free time and are a city person:

Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Denver Art Museum.


Your presence at our wedding party is all we ask, but if you'd like to contribute to our honeymoon or donate to a charity in our name:

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Charities we support:

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